1) Talk about what’s going on in your biz right now, and exactly what you can (and should) achieve in the next 90 days
2) Map out the next steps you need to take in your business so that you can finally make it all happen!
3) Chat about how we can help you make those dreams a reality!
Check out what some awesome people have to say about working with us...
"Stephanie Joanne, if it wasn't for you I'd still be coaching one on one"
"PUMPED! I just made my first dollar ever that's not time for money!"
Lucas Rubkiewicz, Owner Coaches Corner
"Since I joined the program I am getting more done than I could ever imagine!"
"This program is awesome and I cannot recommend it enough! Don't even think twice.Stephanie will make sure you get sh*t done!"
Raquel Barrios, Owner Fit Happy Women
"I grossed 11K and have my whole year planned out!"
"Take the leap. Do what she's telling you to do and do it ASAP. Take action and GSD!"
Andrea Maxim, Owner The Maxim Movement
"My expectations were surpassed weeks into it!"
"I would say hurry up and jump in! One of the best investments I've ever made! Not only is the content phenomenal but the community is awesome."
Sam Boghigian, Owner Hungry & Humble
"STEPH DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. SHE ROCKS HARD, like AC/DC in their heyday but ***better!"
"She is the REAL DEAL. She makes me feel confident that I have something valuable to offer my community. That I am capable and authentic and worth putting out there. There's NO WAY (NONE, seriously) I would be where I am now, developing a program I can be proud of, with a plan in hand and taking serious action, if it weren't for finding SJ. Please, stop reading this right now and just sign up for this program. GO! And don't worry about looking back. You won't!"
Renée Janes-Reid, Owner Renée Rising

"BYE program was THE program that single handedly took my biz from 0-100 in 2 months."
"If you are on the fence about it - dive in. People pay tens of thousands of dollars for the stuff that SJ puts in her program . and the best part is - once you're in she gives you AMAZING support inside the BYE group and it's also an incredible group of people. you need expert help and mentorship to grow your biz and SJ is THE girl you want on your side." 
Jaime Morocco, Owner Soul Powered Wellness
"This is so cliché’ but seriously, it’s the best decision I have ever made for my business and I haven’t looked back."
"SJ will teach you all of the back-end stuff that most entrepreneurs don’t think about. I’ve also connected with so many awesome people through the BYE program. 

I’m paying my bills. I am my own boss. I have so much flexibility in my schedule now and I'm just getting started. Last week, I was able to be one of the cool parents and go on one of my daughter’s field trips, which is huge! All basically because of the direction I’ve gotten from the BYE program. So, if you’re on the fence, just do it.
You have the money. You have the time. Don’t make excuses. Just do it."
Travis Darr, Owner Darr Fitness